Springs of Life-Giving Water


While we were hiking this summer in Glacier National Park we saw many beautiful waterfalls. As torrents poured down from glaciers high up in the mountains, the crystal clear water sparkled in the sunshine. I was tempted to take a drink from the stream.

What a contrast between muddy puddles left by the rain and this rushing deluge of water streaming over boulders. I wonder if our knowledge is similar to a glass of tepid, cloudy water; yet, if we throw the water away and lift our empty glass to God, He would fill it with sparkling, cold, life-giving water that would truly quench our thirst.

In the gospel of John, we read of the Samaritan woman who Jesus met at the well.  She had come because she was thirsty, yet Jesus highlighted a greater need within her and promised he would give her living water. She had tried multiple marriages hoping to fulfill the desires within her.  We meet many people who climb the ladder of success and reach coveted positions, thinking that a change of rank will satisfy but are still left empty, thirsty for more.

In Revelations 7:17 (New Living Translation), it says:  “For the Lamb on the throne will be their Shepherd.  He will lead them to springs of life-giving water.”

Another verse in John 7:3B, Jesus was speaking and said “Anyone who is thirsty may come to me.  Anyone who believes in me may come and drink!  For the Scriptures declare, “Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.”  In this passage he was speaking of the Holy Spirit which had not come yet.

There was an old chorus we used to sing, written by Richard Blanchart–

Fill my cup, Lord; I lift it up, Lord

Come and quench this thirsting of my soul.

Bread of heaven, feed me till I want no more,

Fill my cup, fill it up and make me whole.

Only God truly fills us.  Since the day I made Him Lord, I found by walking and talking with Him each and every day, He satisfies my longings.  He does make me whole and fills my cup full until it is running over.

Have you been thirsty for His living water?

Rose Spillenaar Harmer

About Rose Spillenaar Harmer

Rose is a retired marriage and family therapist and speaks on subjects related to prayer, spirituality, marriage and mental health. She travels throughout North America and one of her favorite subjects is "listening to God" through scripture, sermons and the still, inaudible voice of the Holy Spirit. She writes a weekly devotional called listeningtohear.wordpress.com
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2 Responses to Springs of Life-Giving Water

  1. Lovely message, Rose. How true it is that only God can satisfy our inner thirst!


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