The Busy Lifestyle

When mankind is tired,
unfortunately he has not learned to rest.
It is as if there is a philosophy which does not allow
time to think and ponder.
If you have time, you keep busy
reading, cleaning, cooking or scrap-booking.
You simply do not contemplate
a simpler lifestyle with blocks of time
to do nothing or to meditate.
You do not deliberately decide
where you would like to go
or what you truly want to do
or who you want to see.
Therefore, you feel frazzled by the unimportant.
Consider the lilies how they grow.
They do not toil neither do they spin.
Yet, Solomon in all his glory
was not arrayed as beautifully as these!
How much more important are you to Me
than the flowers I created
which only bloom for a short time
and then they are thrown out?

 Sometimes I wonder how many times God will speak to me before I simply do what He commands. Today, I have set apart time to be still, to pray, to ponder what part in His body of believers He wants me to be.

The passage from the “listening” comes from Matthew 6:28-34. I am thankful to my mother who asked us to read the Bible through every year until its words became life-giving to us. Many well-known verses come to my mind as I pray and listen to the Holy Spirit.

About Rose Spillenaar Harmer

Rose is a retired marriage and family therapist and speaks on subjects related to prayer, spirituality, marriage and mental health. She travels throughout North America and one of her favorite subjects is "listening to God" through scripture, sermons and the still, inaudible voice of the Holy Spirit. She writes a weekly devotional called
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2 Responses to The Busy Lifestyle

  1. Barbie says:

    Dear Rose – I somehow once again came across your “listening to hear” blog and this post is something that I’m needing to hear right now. Like you said in one post, sometimes you feel promptings to do more. That has been me for months now – achieve more, be more productive – more helpful but I need to rediscover a balance for my life. Sometimes I become overwhelmed with responsibilities – even when it comes to my blogging. I love the satisfaction from speaking God’s word and yet like I sometimes say: I’m bogged with my blog! Today I am committing myself to more quiet time with Jesus – listening to His voice and loving His word more than ever. Should you ever wonder if your posts are helpful – I can assure you, yes they are. God abundantly bless you. Barbie


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