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My child, I understand your feelings and emotions. You will discover this day will not be clamorous. I will take care of the details. Simply do as I have instructed and I will be with you. It does not astonish … Continue reading

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Enjoy your Journey

Come and sit with me! Do you trust me enough to walk my way? Like Martha, you try too hard. Accept the fact you get tired and make allowances for yourself. Do not stress over little things. Be still, like … Continue reading

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Our Communication

You are right; I want to communicate my love to you every day. There is a line in a hymn which says:  “In the stillness, I hear him whisper Just talk it over with me in prayer.” I want you … Continue reading

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Were They Wasted Years?

I am faithful regarding my promises to you! As you see the sun rise each morning in all its splendor and glory, so my kingdom has the same radiance and magnificence. Yes, I will restore the years which seem wasted. … Continue reading

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Keep Things Simple

My child, like Martha, you are concerned about non-essentials. You know you want guests! Provide a place, keep things simple and visit comfortably. People truly want to see each other. Allow room for Me at your gathering. You can sing … Continue reading

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