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A New Start

As we begin the year 2015, we have the opportunity to review the past, evaluate what worked well, and also make changes. I believe in new starts. Once a very close friend gave me a beautiful vase of flowers with a … Continue reading

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Thank You

I want to first thank the Lord Jesus for coming to this earth as a baby. At this time of year, we acknowledge the greatness and wonder of His coming. What a privilege to call Him my Lord and Savior, … Continue reading

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He Came

Years ago, I had a dream of God and Jesus talking about Him coming to earth. Jesus  said to his Father, it is time for me to go. God, as any earthly father, in anguish said, “I can’t let you … Continue reading

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The Announcement of Jesus’ Birth

As we approach the Christmas season, I am reminded again that God gave the announcement of Christ’s birth to a very diverse audience. “God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth, a town in Galilee, to a virgin pledged to be … Continue reading

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Go in my peace surrounded by my loving kindness. I have loved you and watched you grow. Isn’t it wonderful to feel my peace and love, regardless of the circumstances? In resting, you will know what path to take. Take … Continue reading

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