Dark Nights


  The above picture shows the ruins of the town of Capernaum. Although Jesus lived there during his ministry, many people would not accept Him as their Messiah. The crowds had witnessed the healing of the Roman centurion’s servant, the healing of the paralyzed man and other miracles. Actually the leader of a synagogue asked him to bring his daughter back to life, which Jesus did.

However, many people, even religious teachers, who said He received his power from Satan, would not believe and Jesus rebuked them.

 “Then Jesus began to denounce the towns where he had done so many of his miracles, because they hadn’t repented of their sins and turned to God.” Matthew 11:20 (NLT)

 These were the towns of Korazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum. We had toured Bethsaida and Capernaum and learned all three cities were in ruins. The State of Israel is excavating them now and trying to depict the towns as they would have been during Jesus’ ministry.

 Dark nights are soon approaching.
Many people have not heard the message of my love.
Even religious people have not been taught
I desire to love and help them personally.
Tell others of my great love.

 America has enjoyed many years of religious freedom since Pilgrims sailed here on the Mayflower to escape from the oppressive laws of England. They wanted to worship God and live by Biblical principles. I believe God is trying to wake us up and to realize we must pray for our nation and vote for leaders who believe and want our nation to be guided by God’s Holy Word.

About Rose Spillenaar Harmer

Rose is a retired marriage and family therapist and speaks on subjects related to prayer, spirituality, marriage and mental health. She travels throughout North America and one of her favorite subjects is "listening to God" through scripture, sermons and the still, inaudible voice of the Holy Spirit. She writes a weekly devotional called listeningtohear.wordpress.com
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2 Responses to Dark Nights

  1. Bob Hunter says:

    I certainly agree with you, Rose, that we in America need to take Jesus’ denunciation of Capernaum to heart!

    Despite the many times I’ve read the Gospels and various lives of Jesus, it wasn’t until I read your “Jesus lived there during his ministry” that it really registered with me that Jesus actually lived in Capernaum rather than Nazereth during his ministry (Matthew 4:13). Thanks.

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