I have much to tell you but it is now getting late for you.
Unlike you, I am never in a hurry.
Therefore, when you make time, we will talk longer.
There is much I would like to share with you
However the distractions are many!
Remember you create the distractions.

The picture was taken at Megiddo National Park which is a World Heritage Site. During Bible times it was one of the most important cities in the area as it was on the international trade route that linked Egypt and Mesopotamia (Iraq).

We were told that King Solomon built the city of Megiddo (1 Kings 9:15)to be one of his chariot cities. Possibly, the picture above shows the stables for his horses. Though God blessed him with great wisdom, power and riches, Solomon allowed many things to distract him from following God’s commands wholeheartedly. One was his love of foreign women.

“The Lord had clearly instructed the people of Israel, ‘You must not marry them, because they will turn your hearts to their gods.’ Yet Solomon insisted on loving them anyway. He had 700 wives … and 300 concubines. And, in fact, they did turn his heart away from the Lord.” 1 Kings 11:2,3 (NLT)

Solomon started out well, asking God for wisdom. But he allowed other people and things first place in his life. It doesn’t matter how well we start in our Christian life with God, we must not allow anything to distract us in our walk. This is easier said than done. Our children, our spouse, the many demands on our time can rob us of our time with God. Yet, the time we spend reading His Word, petitioning and praising God, and listening to that still small voice is more important than anything else.







About Rose Spillenaar Harmer

Rose is a retired marriage and family therapist and speaks on subjects related to prayer, spirituality, marriage and mental health. She travels throughout North America and one of her favorite subjects is "listening to God" through scripture, sermons and the still, inaudible voice of the Holy Spirit. She writes a weekly devotional called listeningtohear.wordpress.com
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