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A New Start

As we begin the year 2015, we have the opportunity to review the past, evaluate what worked well, and also make changes. I believe in new starts. Once a very close friend gave me a beautiful vase of flowers with a … Continue reading

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A Paradox

When I was on earth I never did things in a hurry. I want you to slow down. My best work is accomplished when you are at rest. A strange paradox, I know. But my kingdom is different than the … Continue reading

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People Change

I came to give you abundant life and show you the ways of love. Recall the story of Judah, Joseph’s half-brother: Judah had wanted to kill Joseph in his younger years. Yet later, in the presence of Joseph whom he … Continue reading

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My Words

I want you to desire me above all other things. Allow me to lead and guide you. Yes, it is easier to read about someone else’s life than to spend time seeking my words. Yet, you have asked to know … Continue reading

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Changed Lives

Although I am changing you day by day and hour by hour, you will not have complete victory in a fallen world. Old traits and habits take years to change. Even Paul said he did things he didn’t want to … Continue reading

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