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God is Always Near

When we pray to God, I believe it can be a two way conversation. He does not usually speak in an audible voice, but to many people, He speaks to our thoughts. He asks us to lay down those burdens we … Continue reading

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A New Start

As we begin the year 2015, we have the opportunity to review the past, evaluate what worked well, and also make changes. I believe in new starts. Once a very close friend gave me a beautiful vase of flowers with a … Continue reading

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People Change

I came to give you abundant life and show you the ways of love. Recall the story of Judah, Joseph’s half-brother: Judah had wanted to kill Joseph in his younger years. Yet later, in the presence of Joseph whom he … Continue reading

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I Heal and Deliver

Tired of struggling? I can heal you! Although you do not recall how subtly you came to this stage, it was always about doing one more job. Your family did warn you about taking on too many tasks, and pushing too … Continue reading

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Life is Difficult

Yes, my child, I do know life on this earth is difficult. After giving up the benefits and privileges of heaven, I only experienced thirty-three years on earth. Yet, it was long enough to experience the pain and anguish of … Continue reading

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I Give Many Gifts

I Give Many Gifts My child, do not be overly concerned about things that perish. Trust in Me and I will show you My ways. It is not difficult to trust and obey when you recall how I have answered … Continue reading

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