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My Commands are Helpful!

As you sit and ponder my living Word, it lights your pathway in a world with many dark and evil temptations. The race is not won by the most talented or the swiftest, It is won by those who live … Continue reading

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Occupy until I Return

As the sun comes up in the morning, meditate on my faithfulness. I know at times, you long for the day when all my loved ones are gathered home. Yet, I have requested you to “occupy” until I return. Use … Continue reading

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Enjoy Beauty

Take time to enjoy the wonder of the sunrise and the beauty in the sunset. As you watch the morning’s mist rise from the hills and meadows Stop and allow the experience of my creation to sink deeply into your … Continue reading

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My Ways

My child, you discover my will day by day! I have shown you my ways are much slower than yours. However, the results of doing my will last longer. Although it has taken many years for you to accomplish some … Continue reading

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